• Starfish, Warty (Echinaster callosus)

Starfish, Warty (Echinaster callosus)

Product Description

Product Description

Echinaster callosus, the warty sea star or the banded bubble star, is a species of starfish found in shallow parts of the western Indo-Pacific region. The disc and five slender arms are covered with white, pink, red or violet warts, often forming transverse bands of colour on the arms Found singly or in groups on shallow sand and gravel areas as well as seagrass beds. Colour varies from place to place. Large sea star, with five conical, short, thick arms. They feed on molluscs, worms, detritus and sponges. Length - 30cm Depth - 0-30m Widespread Indo-West Pacific Sea Stars have remarkable regenerative powers, when attacked and damaged by predators they are able to grow new arms. They usually have five arms but have been found with 4 or 6 arms, this may be because more than one arm has been damaged at one time! Sometimes small parasitic limpets can be found on the underside of arms which can deform the arms. They possess a cleverly evolved arsenal of hydraulic tube feet connected to an elaborate water-vascular system that encircles the animal's mouth and extends via five radial canals down the centre of each arm. Their mouth is underneath, but their prey is absorbed outside thei(more...),,,,,,-->

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