• Starfish, Biscuit Red (Aust)

Starfish, Biscuit Red (Aust)

Product Description

Product Description

Biscuit Starfish, Tosia queenslandensis, is a glowing bright red/orange starfish with distinctive polygonal shapes across its back. They usually grow to an average of 5 centimeters in diameter. Biscuit Starfish are native to the shores of Australia and scavenge the sea floor for meaty foods including sponges, sea squirts, and some algaes. Be careful as this species of starfish is especially susceptible to changes in water quality and will adversely react if this is done. Overall, the Biscuit Starfish is a beautiful addition to any reef tank as it provides an immediate influx of color, character, and activity. The Biscuit Starfish will also be a beneficial member of your tank keeping it clean by feeding on algaes.


Minimum Tank Size

25 gallons

Care Level