• Sponge, Tree Yellow

Sponge, Tree Yellow

Product Description

Product Description

Yellow tree sponges are most likely a color morph of the more common red tree sponge, which can be in the genus Amphimedon or Ptilocaulis depending on where it is collected. This type of sponge is more of an offshore, reef sponge and is usually found in deeper waters. Because of the depth these come from, I seriously doubt that there is any photosynthetic activity in this sponge, so they are entirely filter feeders. This will mean that youll need to feed the sponge regularly, much like you would a coral or any other filter feeder. Sponges seem to do best in well-established tanks, so if you have a brand new tank, you might want to wait a few months.


Minimum Tank Size

60 gallons

Care Level

Moderately Difficult