• Sponge, Tree Orange

Sponge, Tree Orange

Product Description

Product Description

The Orange Tree Sponge, Ptilocaulis sp, is a fairly common sponge from Florida and the Caribbean characterized by its bright red and orange color and tree like shape. They inhabit primarily deeper water, and dont seem to occur in water shallower than about 20 ft. Sponges are filter feeders, primarily feeding on bacteria and dissolved organics, so they can be a little challenging to keep in some reef tanks. If not fed regularly with some sort of planktonic food, the will slowly starve to death in most reef tanks, so be prepared to feed them on a regular basis. Most sponges will have a small amount of substrate attached to their bases which can be superglued or epoxied to a rock so they will stay put in your aquarium. Contrary to popular belief these sponges can be safely removed from the water and exposed to air for brief periods of time without any lasting damages, so dont make a huge deal about not letting the sponge touch the air while you move it from tank to tank or while you mount it on a rock.


Minimum Tank Size

60 gallons

Care Level

Moderately Difficult