• Snapper, Blood

Snapper, Blood

Product Description

Product Description

Also known as Malabar Red Snapper, Malabar Blood Snapper, Saddletail Snapper, Red snapper, Saddled-tailed Seaperch, Large-mouthed Seaperch, Scarlet Seperch, Red Bass, Red Bream and Red Emperor. Found singly on inner and outer reefs, sometimes mixed in shoals of other fish. They feed on fish and invertebrates. Length - 100cm Depth - 10-100m Widespread Indo-West Pacific Most Snappers live in moderate depths, however there are a few that live much deeper. Juveniles found on inshore reefs. They are nocturnal predators that mainly feed on fish, but will eat crustaceans, gastropods and cephalopods. Some smaller family members eat zooplankton.


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