• Shrimp, Mantis Peacock (Pink)

Shrimp, Mantis Peacock (Pink)

Product Description

Product Description

The Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Odontodactylus scyllarus, should be kept in a species-only tank. They are very aggressive, beautiful, and extremely entertaining to watch.They should be supplied with ample rockwork in which to hide and be fed on a regular basis. Mantis Shrimp belong to the Class Crustacea and Order Decapoda, which is characterized by two pair of antennae, three body parts, and five pairs of legs. The head of Shrimp is connected to the thorax and covered by a shell called carapace. The antennae of Shrimp are normally long and thin and serve the Shrimp as extended eyes. The Peacock Mantis Shrimp have highly developed abdomens which allows for quick movement. In order for Mantis Shrimp to grow they need to shed their exoskeleton, a process called "molting", which allows them to remove their restricting shell and begin a new one. Often times in the home aquarium Shrimp will leave this translucent shell in full view so it can serve as a distraction while the Shrimp finds a hiding place and allows its new shell to harden.


Minimum Tank Size

25 gallons

Care Level