• Sea Slug, Lettuce Green

Sea Slug, Lettuce Green

Product Description

Product Description

Two almost identical species share the common name "Lettuce Sea Slug" or "Lettuce Nudibranch": Elysia crispata (Caribbean) and Elysia diomedea (Pacific). While closely resembling and commonly referred to as "Nudibranchs", they belong to a related group of animals and are easier to maintain, care for and feed than many other true nudibranchs. These slugs are herbivorous nudibranches whose diet centers on filamentous green algae. They are typically green or yellowish with pink, orange, and brown markings. Their flap-like appendages are folded and frilled giving them a lettuce-like appearance. These species are partially photosynthetic and should be provided with plenty of green algae to thrive. The term "nudibranch" means "naked gill" and refers to the fringy, tassel-like gills visible on many species. This name can refer to the animals that we commonly refer to as "sea slugs" as well as the Sea Hares popular for algae control. As a group, there is not much known about many species of nudibranchs and sea slugs, and more are being discovered and reclassified continuously. While some like the Sea Hares are well studied and we know enough about their life cycles and diets for them to be maintained, th(more...),

Minimum Tank Size

30 gallons

Care Level


Water Conditions

1.022-1.026, 8.0-8.4, 75-82,

Max Size

3 inches