• Sea Apple (Indo)

Sea Apple (Indo)

Product Description

Product Description

The Sea Apple uses its oral tentacles to catch food that floats by. As each tentacle becomes full of food it draws its entire tentacle into its mouth. The Sea Apple should be target feed fed foods for filter feeders including marine snow, phytoplankton, and zooplankton. A colorful and bizarre addition to any reef aquarium, the Sea Apple can live for many years in the home aquarium.


Care Level

Expert Only - poisonous when stressed or after death



Water Conditions

75-80 F; sg 1.024-1.026 (1.025 is ideal); pH 8.1-8.4 Ca 420-440 ppm, Alk 8-9.5 dKH, Mg 1260-1350, Nitrates <10ppm, Phosphates < .10ppm