• Scolymia, Australis Red (Bleeding Apple)

Scolymia, Australis Red (Bleeding Apple)

Product Description

Product Description

Scolymia australis is very similar to the much more common S. vitiensis and is also known as Button Coral as well as several other common names including Doughnut Coral, Meat Coral, and Artichoke Coral. They usually take the form of a large solitary polyp, but can vary with multiple oral openings or by forming clusters. They are similar in structure to Cynarina and Acanthophyllia corals, but they lack the dramatic tissue extension and the large, toothy ridges in their skeletal structure. Button corals are variable in color and shape, but they typically form somewhat flat, plate-like growth. They may be solid green or red, and in some rare cases solid orange in color, or they may be multicolored with a different color in the center or a striped or mottled pattern. Scolymia australis is found in the waters around Australia and has a much fleshier appearance than S. vitiensis. The individual skeletal ribs are usually not visible through the flesh of S. australis as they are in S. vitiensis. These corals are hardy and undemanding. They can be placed in low to moderate flow areas of the tank, and require moderate lighting. Handle them with care so the toothy skeleton does not damage the soft flesh.(more...),,-->

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1.022-1.026, 8.0-8.4, 75-78, 8-12 dKH,