• Scallop, Electric/Flame

Scallop, Electric/Flame

Product Description

Product Description

The Electric Flame Scallop (Ctenoides ales) has a brown or white shell with a vibrant red-orange mantle. Thin red or white tentacles (actually the eye stalks of the scallop) extend across the edge of its mantle. The Electric Flame Scallop has an exciting appearance as flickers of "electricity" can be seen coursing across the mantle edge just inside the shells. These are color flashes of the blue-purple fringes on the edges of the mantle, and are not harmful to the aquarist or other tank residents in any way. Scallops like this one are filter feeders. They need plenty of food to thrive, and do best in a well-filtered aquarium that can maintain pristine water conditions while providing enough food. Do not keep scallops with fish or invertebrates that may pick at the sensitive mantle. When threatened, the two halves of the scallop's shell may close up tightly, or the scallop may jump around the tank by propelling itself with jets of water.


Minimum Tank Size

20 gallons

Care Level

Moderate to High



Water Conditions

1.022-1.026, 8.0-8.4, 75-82,

Max Size

4 inches