• Rhinopias, Argoliba

Rhinopias, Argoliba

Product Description

Product Description

All the species are considered to be rare, but by far the most commonly encountered species amongst underwater photographers are the paddle-flap and weedy rhinopias. It has been suggested that the paddle flap rhinopias is actually a variant of the weedy rhinopias rather than its own species, but currently they are classified as two distinct species. As with all rhinopias, they both contain the common characteristics of the genus: laterally compressed bodies, eyes on top of their heads with dermal appendages above them, and a various amount of appendages coming from its body. Rhinopias can vary in color and in size, maxing out at around 23 cm or 9 inches. The color varieties among rhinopias can be quite drastic, ranging from dark red, to bright yellow to deep lavender. Additionally, the amount of dermal appendages extending from their bodies often varies, giving each rhinopias a somewhat unique look. That said, everyone of them is certainly oddly beautiful in its own right, and most discerning macro photographers can remember their first encounter with one. There are a few notable differences between the paddle-flap and weedy rhinopias. The first is that most paddle-flap rhinopias a(more...),,,-->