• Rhinopias, Aphanes

Rhinopias, Aphanes

Product Description

Product Description

Also known as Lacy Scorpionfish, Merlot Scorpionfish, Merlet's Scorpionfish, Lacy Stingfish, Lacy Firefish, Lacy Goblinfish and Lacy Rockfish. This rare Scorpionfish is exactly as described "Lacy" with upturned mouth tentacles and skin flaps everywhere. Found on corals, sponges or sandy bottoms. They feed on small fish and swimming invertebrates. Length - 25cm Depth - 6-25m Western Indo-Pacific Scorpionfish are masters of camouflage, enabling them to lie in wait for their victims to come close, before lunging forward and inhaling their prey with their large mouths. When disturbed they raise the spines along their backs and will usually move off out of harms way, however, if cornered they are able to charge at considerable speed. Highly dangerous and poisonous with venomous spines along its back if trodden on etc.


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