• Rabbitfish, Golden

Rabbitfish, Golden

Product Description

Product Description

The Golden Rabbitfish or the Siganus Puelloides is a colorful fish to add to your well-established aquariums. These big-eyed creatures are sparkling in appearance, which is why, can easily shine-out in night. Their cheeks are covered with overlapping scales and have fully-scaled pelvic ridges. The rim of their anterior nostril expands out forming a very short pointed peak. The spines are stout, pungent as well as poisonous. An adult Golden Rabbitfish will be seen paring around the live rocks and coral reef. They mostly derive nutrition out of sessile colonial tunicates, monaxonid sponges, and benthic algae. They can be seen enjoying solitude or hanging out in large groups. These Golden Rabbitfish are mostly found in reefs and marine sites of the Indo-Pacific Ocean and Maldives. One of the perciforms, they were first discovered by duo: Dennis Wayne Woodland and Randall in the year 1979.


Max Size

12 inches (30 cm)