• Oxypora, Green Eye

Oxypora, Green Eye

Product Description

Product Description

Oxypora colonies typically spiral out from a central point to form relatively flat colonies. They should be kept under bright light, especially to maintain colors. Water movement should be mild. These corals will extend feeding tentacles at night to feed on free-floating foods. You can supplement this feeding with small foods like brine or mysis shrimp. Oxypora corals are very similar to Echinophyllia and Mycedium corals. The edges of the colony in Oxypora corals are much more ridged than the smoother, rolls appearance of the edges of Mycedium colonies. The ridges radiating from the center of the colony are also more serrated and tooth-like in Echinophyllia corals than in Oxypora.


Care Level




Water Conditions

1.022-1.0268.0-8.4, 75-78, 8-12 dKH,