• Mushroom, Ricordia Purple (Indo)

Mushroom, Ricordia Purple (Indo)

Product Description

Product Description

The Ricordea Mushroom, Ricordea sp., is a species of mushroom coral that is an excellent mushroom for beginner aquarists as it is easy to care for and raise in a home aquarium. They are also commonly known as Flower Mushroom Corals due to their beautiful colorations in greens, reds, oranges, and pinks. In caring for the Ricordea Mushroom, it is necessary to have the proper tank specifications: low waterflow is best with moderate to high lighting levels as well as a bottom placement in the tank. You will not need to feed the Ricordea Mushroom anything in particular as they receive most of their nutrients through the photosynthetic ability of micro zooxanthellae that inhabit the coral. Usually, the Ricordea Mushroom will ship as several polyps attached to the same piece of live rock - if any of the mushroom polyps become unattached, please attach back to the rock as they are still alive.


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