• Mushroom, Ricordia Orange (Haiti)

Mushroom, Ricordia Orange (Haiti)

Product Description

Product Description

Most experts will concur that this coral is the king of the Corallimorphs, and as far as they are concerned there are none that can compare to their illustrious color combinations, growth speed and ease of care. Steps to keeping a healthy and happy Ricordea florida Mushroom Coral - change the water 10 % bi-monthly or 20 % a month, provide a reef atmosphere with proper magnesium levels, and proper iodine levels are also essential. Due to their toxicity, adding active carbon would also be a good idea, especially for larger colonies of mushrooms. Ricordea florida, unlike most other Mushroom Coral requires moderate attention and can tolerate more light. If the coral does not get the sufficient lighting and/or water they will just float around the tank until they find a suitable spot that meets their preferences or have an unpleasant encounter with a pump. Like other species of mushrooms, the Ricordea Coral can handle higher nitrates than SPS or LPS corals. It is not aggressive and would make good tank mates to most established coral colonies. Still be wary and make sure that you provide sufficient space for both the established colony and the newly introduced Ricordea florida Coral to thrive. No matter the s(more...),,-->

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