• Jelly Fish (Purple)

Jelly Fish (Purple)

Product Description

Product Description

Goniopora stutchburyi is recommended to those who have aquariums geared more towards "SPS" corals. This species thrives in high light and low nutrient environments and unlike some of its larger-polyped cousins, doesn't seem to need as much food and does quite well without direct feeding. The Goniopora is a beautiful coral to look at, and are one of the most prolific contributors to the world's coral reefs. The strains of Goniopora have many such beautiful numbers of corals. They grow really fast if bred in captivity as compared to the wild colonies. The Goniopora needs moderate light and intermittent water flow. They are semi aggressive and need to be kept away from neighbor corals in the aquarium. You will often see clown fish around these corals, as these fishes seek shelter in these corals. The Goniopora has long, elegant polyps that are indisputably stunning and makes the animal a centerpiece in any aquarium. It generally feeds on flowing tiny zoo planktons and thus keeps the aquarium clean and clear. The Goniopora belongs to the group known as Cnidaria in which they have mouth that opens up into one big cavity which acts as a digestive system, where the food is broken down into nutrients and then s(more...),,,,,,-->

Max Size

to 3 feet (1 m) in diameter