• Hawkfish, Golden (Parachirrites xanthus)

Hawkfish, Golden (Parachirrites xanthus)

Product Description

Product Description

The Golden Hawkfish, Cirrhitichthys aureus, is also known as the Yellow Hawkfish, Japanese Yellow Hawkfish, or Golden Curlyfin. The Golden Hawkfish is a deep gold/yellow color with various light brown splotches across its body. The Golden Hawkfish is reef safe and a peaceful fish, they might only nibble on small invertebrates. They will thrive in a tank with most fish and large invertebrates. They like to perch atop rocks and corals and are quite hardy in the aquarium environment. Interestingly, the Golden Hawkfish displays hermaphroditic abilities being able to change between male and female. The Golden Hawkfish will eat a carnivorous diet consisting of frozen brine or mysis shrimp as well as other prepared meaty foods.


Minimum Tank Size

60 gallons

Care Level




Max Size

Up to 4 inches