• Grouper, Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis) Aust.

Grouper, Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis) Aust.

Product Description

Product Description

Closely related to fish of the Liopropoma genus such as the Candy Basslet, the Wrasse Bass and the Swalesi basslet, the flathead perch is similar in appearance and color pattern yet it sports some unique traits of its own. The very forward placement of the eyes, the flat head and wide mouth make this basslet deserving of its own genus, Rainforfia. Aside from its cryptic behavior and tendency to stay close to the reef structure this fish is also more abundant at depth but the main factor that has precluded better availability of this species for the aquarium trade is that it is endemic to Eastern Australia. Although many aquarium fish are collected from Australia, the flathead perch has a distribution that centers around Eastern Australia, more specifically southern Queensland to northern New South Wales. Rainfordia opercularis is reported to reach up to 6/15cm in length at which size they appear blue with yellow stripes yet juveniles are reported to be more colorful and orange in appearance.


Max Size

6 inches