• Goby, Saber-tooth

Goby, Saber-tooth

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Product Description

Also known as Blueline Sabretooth Blenny, Blue-lined Blenny, Blue-lined Sabretooth Blenny, Blue-striped Blenny, Blue-striped Sabretooth Blenny, Blunt-nosed Blenny, Cleaner Mimic, False Cleanerfish, Fang Blennies, Imposter Fangblenny, Sabretooth Blennies, Sabre-toothed Blennies, Tubeworm Blenny, Twostripe Blenny. Found singly in clear waters of inner coral reefs and lagoons rich in algae and coral growth, often hiding in deserted worm tubes or holes in the reef with just their heads showing. They feed on skin, mucus and scales of other fish. Mimicking other fish, often changing their colour to get close to passing fish and then attack biting off small pieces of mucus, scales and tissue. They also like to eat divers!!!! Length - 12cm Depth - 1-40m Widespread Indo-Pacific Coombtooth Blennies are the largest of bennies, found in both tropical and subtropical waters and freshwater habitats, as the name suggests they have comb like teeth lining their jaws. Sabretooth Blennies have teeth to match their name! They can be seen darting forward to sever flesh from fishes fins. (can sometimes be seen taking a swipe at divers as well) They will then dart back into their holes out of harm'(more...),,,,,,-->

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