• Goby, Griessingeri Spike fin (Nano)

Goby, Griessingeri Spike fin (Nano)

Product Description

Product Description

The Spike Fin Goby, Discordipinna griessingeri, also known as the Flaming Prawn Goby or the Griessingei Goby is one of the most unique gobies in the aquarium trade. Its small size makes it particularly vulnerable to predators so be sure not to introduce the Spike Fin Goby with aggressive shrimps, crabs, or fish. Many hobbyists consider this to be one of the most beautiful and perfect fish in the entire aquarium trade. The body is silver-white with speckles everywhere and red fins. Its dorsal fin projects outward in a really eye catching manner. The Spike Fin Goby is reef safe, coral safe, and invertebrate safe and is an excellent addition to any tank with few predators. They are best fed a variety of prepared foods, best housed with ample open live rock to hide in, and best kept as an individual or in pairs. The Spike Fin Goby is actually best suited to be the centerpiece of a Nano tank. This species is as friendly and compatible as it is stunning which makes it the perfect beginner fish, reef fish, nano tank fish, and centerpiece fish.


Minimum Tank Size

10 gallons

Care Level




Max Size

.25-.75 inch