• Eel, Moray Peppered (Siderea picta)

Eel, Moray Peppered (Siderea picta)

Product Description

Product Description

Also known as Moray Eels, Peppered Eel, Moray, Painted Reef Eel, Paint-spotted Moray, Paint-spotted Moray, Sidereal Moray, Black-specked Reef Eel. Found singly in crevices of rocks, rubble and debris along shallow reef flats and shorelines. They feed nocturnally on fish, octopus and crustaceans. Length - 1.20cm Depth - 0-100m Widespread Indo-Pacific Morays open and close their mouths to move water through their gills for respiration. This behaviour can often be seen as a threat especially towards divers, in fact this is far from the truth, they are very shy creatures and will only attack if provoked!


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