• Cultured, Polyp Green Star

Cultured, Polyp Green Star

Product Description

Product Description

Star Polyps are a favorite coral for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike. The waving polyps flowing in the current add movement and color to the aquarium. Star Polyps are often noted to be good indicators of water quality, and flow. They react quite quickly to changes in water parameters by not opening. It is very important to make sure your pH and Alkalinity are balanced to encourage growth and color of this flashy, easy to keep coral. Care should be taken when placing this coral into your aquarium. If given the right placement in good water quality, this coral will often grow very quickly. Be sure to leave a minimum of six inches between corals to allow for growth. Large colonies are similar in appearance to a phosphorescent lawn. The coral will encrust rock and just about anything it gets near. When a rock is crowded, the colonies will react by sloughing a waxy purple growth that can then be glued to another rock or tied onto a rock with string. In a few weeks it will attach to the rock and become its own colony. Tissue left behind on rock will usually grow into a new colony.


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