• Cultured, Lemnalia

Cultured, Lemnalia

Product Description

Product Description

Lemnalia corals resemble many other soft corals in appearance. They have a tree-like branching structure off of a main stalk. Each branch is covered in tiny bristle-like appendages. These corals rely on the photosynthesis of the algae living in their tissues for most of their nutrition and need moderate to high lighting to survive. A moderate to strong flow will help them retain their structure and sweep away shedding scales or leftover food and detritus. If stressed by fish or other invertebrates, Lemnalia corals have been known to give off a toxic substance as a defense mechanism so choose tankmates very carefully.


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Water Conditions

1.022-1.0268.0-8.4, 75-78, 8-12 dKH,