• Cultured, Acanthastrea lordhowensis Super

Cultured, Acanthastrea lordhowensis Super

Product Description

Product Description

_AcansÌÒ or Micromussa lordhowensis corals are highly desirable stony corals that boast many different stimulating color combinations that will excite the senses. While the addition of these beautiful Acan lord corals injects spectacular colors and textures to the reef aquarium, it is also known to elicit severe coral-envy among fellow hobbyists. Micromussa generally have large corallites (8-15mm) with small teeth or lobes on their septa, as well as well-developed columellae. In the wild, they're found mostly in shallow, turbid water habitats to about 20m, often in protected areas like lagoons, forming colonies up to several meters across. In the reef aquarium, Micromussa are incredibly hardy and fast growing, tolerating a wide variety of conditions, including both low and moderate lighting and moderate water currents. Though tolerant of a wide range of aquarium conditions, the robust Lordhowensis will thrive in established reef aquariums with stable conditions. Be aware that Micromussa are voracious nocturnal predators and competitively extrude mesenterial filaments and digest organisms within reach. Great care must be taken in determining the placement and distance between Lordhowensis colonies and (more...),,-->

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1.022-1.026, 8.0-8.4, 75-78,