• Crab, Boxing/Pom Pom

Crab, Boxing/Pom Pom

Product Description

Product Description

The Boxing Crab, Lybia tessellata, commonly known as the Pom Pom Crab, is one of the most unique invertebrates available for the home aquarium. This resourceful crab is very small - no larger than a quarter - so it should never be housed with predatory fish or inverts that may attack or eat it. The Boxing Crab is known for how it carries small anemones in both front claws as a form of protection hoping the predator will be frightened and retreat. It also uses the anemones to collect food by filtering the water column. The Boxing Crab is completely reef safe and will undergo molting like other crabs. It will feed by filtering as well as scavenging for algae, leftover food pellets, or other microfauna found in the tank. One of the most interesting and unique species in the animal kingdom, the Boxing Crab is easy to care for and apt for any peaceful reef tank.


Minimum Tank Size

20 gallons

Care Level