• Coral, Pachyseris

Coral, Pachyseris

Product Description

Product Description

The Elephant Skin Coral Pachyseris rugosa was described by Lamarck in 1801. Some common names they are known for are Elephant Skin Coral, Corduroy Coral, Castle Coral, and Groove Coral. They have reproduced in captivity, and limited captive propagation has been practiced. Currently the Pachyseris genus and the Pavona genus are the only 2 genera regularly offered to aquarists from this family, Agariciidae. Where Pachyseris Corals Are Found: The Pachyseris rugosa are found from the Red Sea to the Marshal Islands, Samoa, and Micronesia, as well as the Great Barrier Reef to the Houtman Abrolhos Islands of Australia. Pachyseris Coral Habitat: P. rugosa are found in deeper waters, as well as shallow areas with turbid water. They inhabit reef slopes, surge channels, and shallow lagoons. They live in large colonies that form mounds over 26 feet (8 m) across in the shallower areas, as well as smaller colonies throughout their range.They are found at depths down to 131 feet (40 m). These corals use the nutrients in the water as well as the zooxanthellae in their bodies to nourish themselves, and can also use a mucous net to capture small particles.


Minimum Tank Size

50 to 100 gallons (190 - 380 L) or larger