• Clam, Hippopus

Clam, Hippopus

Product Description

Product Description

The Hippopus clam is also known as Horse's Hoof, Bear Paw or Strawberry Clam. The shell of this clam is very thick with prominent ribs, and has reddish blotches making it easy to differentiate from other clams. The mantle of these clams does not extend past the edge of the shell, and are brownish-green to gray in color with faint gold stripes. The large opening in the mantle, which is called the incurrent aperture, lacks the tentacles that are common with other clams within the Tridacnidae family. These are relatively fast growing clams that process a lot of water for their size which helps in controlling nutrients in a reef aquarium. A well-established reef aquarium with moderately high lighting is ideal for the Hippopus Clam. These clams prefer to be seated in the substrate with a low to moderate water current. As they grow, they will eventually loose their byssal gland, and will rely on their weight to keep them in place. It is ideal to place these clams on a flat rock that is buried in the substrate to keep access to the byssal opening away from any potential predators. The Hippopus Clam requires calcium levels of at least 280 mg/L, preferably 380-440 mg/L, as well as adequate strontium and iodin(more...),,-->

Care Level


Water Conditions

72-78 F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025