• Cardinal, Red

Cardinal, Red

Product Description

Product Description

The Ruby Cardinal, Apogon crassiceps, also known as the Red Stop Light Cardinal, has a bright red body with striking white tinges. The Ruby Cardinal makes a great fish for beginner aquarists. It adapts easily to feeding in captivity with its carnivorous diet consisting of meaty frozen foods and vitamin enriched pellets. As it only grows to a maximum of three inches, a 30 gallon tank is suggested. They also enjoy live rock work providing them places to hide and explore. The Ruby Cardinal is friendly and will not show aggression with any tank makes, corals, or inverts. Overall, this fish is a solid choice for any type of home aquarium. There is not a home marine environment in which the Ruby Cardinal is not suited.


Minimum Tank Size

30 gallons

Care Level




Max Size

up to 1.5 inch