• Butterfly, Raccoon (Haw)

Butterfly, Raccoon (Haw)

Product Description

Product Description

One of the all-time favorites with hobbyists as its not only good looking, its among the hardist of all butterflyfish. Its body is basically yellow, with the upper half much darker than the lower half, and has ascending slanted reddish stripes that become hardly visible on the upper body. Its facial area has a broad black eye band, hence the common name ÌàRaccoon Butterflyfish, with a white band just aft of the black eye band, and a black band ascending from the edge of the white band upwards to the base of the dorsal. Dorsal, anal, and tail fins are yellow with the peduncle black.


Minimum Tank Size

100 gallons

Care Level




Water Conditions

72 - 81F (22 _ 27C), 1.020 -1.026, 8.0 - 8.5

Max Size

8 inches (20 cm)