• Brain, Symphyllia Red Super

Brain, Symphyllia Red Super

Product Description

Product Description

The Symphyllia Brain Coral, Symphyllia sp., also known as the Closed Brain Coral or the Dented Brain Coral, is colorful and hardy LPS coral. Symphyllia corals are some of the most colorful corals found in the wild. Symphyllia Brain corals also differ greatly in texture with some being smooth, some pimply, and different ridge positions. They are close relatives to the Lobo Brain Corals. The Symphyllia Brain Coral is a great coral for beginner aquarists as it is hardy, beautiful, and peaceful. It is a great coral in a reef environment. The Symphyllia Brain Coral are best housed in a tank with moderate lighting and moderate waterflow and placed at the bottom half of the tank. Overall, the Symphyllia Brain Coral is just a great all around coral tailored for the home aquarium.


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