• Boxfish, Ornate (Australia)

Boxfish, Ornate (Australia)

Product Description

Product Description

Aracana ornata is one of the most rarely seen species in the aquarium trade thanks to its restricted distribution along the southern coastline of Australia and nearby Tasmania, making this one of the holy grails for aquarists keeping temperate water aquariums. Males wear a vibrant vestiture of stripes and spots that forms a dense honeycomb pattern across much of the body. The orange tail is particularly striking, being embellished with wavy turquoise lines and tending to be waved about. The sexes are quite distinct in this species. The females are generally less-colorful, lacking the blue markings on the body and the brilliant caudal fin of the males. They also have a predominantly striped body, which can take on fingerprint-like convolutions along the back in larger specimens. Both sexes sport a series of dramatic spines above the eyes and along the back.


Care Level




Water Conditions

55-66 F

Max Size

15 cm