• Blenny, Giant

Blenny, Giant

Product Description

Product Description

Elongate, robust; head deep, blunt; a cluster of cirri at front nostril; one branched cirrus over eye, 2 irregular clusters of nape cirri; no large canines at rear of lower jaw; gill openings wide, membranes not fused to belly; dorsal fin with shallow notch between spinous and soft parts, XI-XIII, 16-18; anal II, 18-20; pelvic I, 4; lateral line continuous, bends down above origin of anal fin, rear section consisting of 18-22 short, 2-pored tubes. Brown, body densely covered with small irregular dark red-brown blotches on a pale background, clusters of white dots in a row of pale spots along upper back, several large whitish blotches along belly; snout with small pale spots, cheeks with scattered larger pale spot; a blackish, blotch about size of pupil behind eye; eye cirrus brown with red tip; dorsal brown, base with dark blotches, narrow red margin; tail - rays purplish brown, membranes yellowish; anal - yellow brown inner half, dark brown outer half; pelvic tan; pectoral base brown with whitish blotches, pectoral rays brown. Juveniles with 8-10 irregular bars on body, head pale spotted.


Water Conditions

max 25.49 degrees Celsius min 25.49 degrees Celsius

Max Size

27 cm.