• Blenny, Bullethead

Blenny, Bullethead

Product Description

Product Description

These blennies are common on shallow, barren, wave-washed reef flats in just a few inches of water. Light greenish-brown, mottled and barred with darker brown, they blend well with the substrate. Males have blue-white spots on the sides and sometimes blue throats (perhaps breeding coloration), females have red dots on the head. The leading edge of the first dorsal fin of both sexes bears a dark spot. There is no crest. The eyes and forehead bulge out slightly, conferring both common and species names (the latter meaning "humped front"). To about 5 in. Indo-Pacific.


Minimum Tank Size

300 l (79 gal)

Care Level



Mostly peaceful but might be aggressive towards similar species

Max Size

12.0 cm (4.7in)