• Angel, Venustus

Angel, Venustus

Product Description

Product Description

Generally a shy animal, the Venustus Angelfish is one of the rare species that is becoming more readily available in the industry. Usually found in caves and deep reef slopes, the Venustus Angelfish needs to be acclimated to bright lights of the home aquarium in the same way many deep water anthias are. Requires open rock structure with caves and overhangs. This fish was previously classified as Holacanthus and recently to Sumireyakko. Some authors may even classify it as a Paracentropyge. The beautiful bright yellow body with the purplish/blue triangular patch over the eye and saddle across the back make this fish an unusual addition bound to attract the eye and conversation in any home aquarium. They rarely pick at stony or soft corals but have been known to pick at clam mantles. This is probably due to the easy to reach zooxanthellae in the clam mantle tissue. Smaller individuals will be model citizens leaving most fish and even other dwarf Angelfish alone. Adults, however, can become belligerent and aggressive toward any Angelfish and tank mates that may share similar coloration or shape.


Minimum Tank Size

55 gallons

Care Level

Expert Only



Max Size

5 inches