• Angel, Rock Beauty (Brazil)

Angel, Rock Beauty (Brazil)

Product Description

Product Description

The Rock Beauty Angelfish is commonly referred as Rocky Beauty, Corn Sugar, Coshubba, and Yellow Nanny.This eye-catching beauty has a black body contrasted with a bright yellow head and tailfin, and a distinctive yellow outline to its fins. Some adults even have black lips. Juvenile Rock Beauty Angelfish typically stays near fire corals and are known to hide inside shells. It is found diurnal, i.e. it is active during the day and rests during the night. It needs a 100 gallon aquarium when it reaches a length of 7-8 inches. The Rock Beauty Angelfish needs a well decorated aquarium with plenty of hiding spots, caves and crevices to give an opportunity to carry out its natural browsing behavior in captivity. Introduce a lot of live rocks in the tank that encourages the growth of algae on it, so that it can feed on it. The Rock Beauty Angelfish should not be combined with aggressive fish, such as triggers. It is very territorial in nature and keeping it with other marine angelfish is risky. The Rock Beauty Angelfish is a pretty sensitive creature, especially if not kept on a suitable diet. It is very important to have a varied diet, that may include algae based food and sea food preparations that contain (more...),

Minimum Tank Size

100+ Gallons

Care Level




Max Size

2-2.5 inches