• Angel, Queen Adult (Brazil)

Angel, Queen Adult (Brazil)

Product Description

Product Description

Both the juvenile and adult are quite pretty, with the juvenile having a yellowish frontal body that turns brownish yellow midway to the tail, which is a bright yellow, as are its pectoral fins. There are several white vertical lines on the body, and its dorsal and anal fins are edged in bright blue. As for the adult, it has a bluish yellow body, yellow face, blue highlighted chest and forehead areas, blue lips, yellow pectoral fins, and its tail is completely yellow. It also has blue edged dorsal and anal fins, which have long yellow streamers, yet its most telling difference from that of the Blue Angelfish, H. bermudensis, is that it has a distinctive brilliant blue 'crown' on the forehead. Keep in mind there are other small differences depending upon the area of collection.


Minimum Tank Size

180 gallons

Care Level




Water Conditions

70 - 82F (21 _ 27C), 1.020 - 1.026, 8.0 - 8.5

Max Size

18 inches (45 cm)