• Angel, Midnight

Angel, Midnight

Product Description

Product Description

This very pretty species dwarf angelfish that is uniformly black over its entire body, accepts a wide variety of foods including fortified brine shrimp, mysis, and flake food (especially Spirulina). Requires numerous small feedings per day, as its a constant browser. Keep in mind this is a secretive species, and in large aquariums with much live rock and hiding places, may seldom be seen. Nevertheless, they do require hiding places, even in somewhat small aquariums, as they like to glide in and out of rock crevices while forging for foodstuffs. Also, itÌàs preferable to Ìàonly add this species to a well-established reef aquarium, as it likes to pick on rocks containing various forms of algae or find accumulations of detritus to ingest.


Minimum Tank Size

50 gallons

Care Level




Water Conditions

72 - 82F (22 _ 27C)., 1.020-1.027, 8.0 - 8.5

Max Size

4 inches (10 cm)