• Angel, Genicanthus Caudovittatus (Female)

Angel, Genicanthus Caudovittatus (Female)

Product Description

Product Description

This attractive species is rarely available in the trade, yet when so, makes for a colorful and peaceful addition to both fish-only and reef aquariums. The male is quite different in coloration than the female, i.e., sexually dimorphic, as males have a whitish blue body with vertical dark brown bars and a black ban at the central base of the dorsal fin, whereas the female is overall a light lavender grey with a black ban above the eye and a similar ban on the upper and lower margins of the caudal fin. Both have a tail that tapers into the body, resulting in what can be called a swallowtail appearance. In fact, those in this genus are sometimes called Swallowtail Angelfish.


Minimum Tank Size

125 gallons

Care Level




Water Conditions

70 - 79F (21 _ 26C), 1.020 - 1.026, 8.0 - 8.5

Max Size

8 inches (20 cm)