• Anemone, Hells Fire

Anemone, Hells Fire

Product Description

Product Description

The Hell's Fire Anemone can grow up to 12" (30 cm). The Actinodendron genus has a pedal column that they bury in rubble or sand. They have many pairs of highly branched tentacles that make the them look more like a coral or a small tree than an anemone. It is unknown how long they live, in fact some anemones can be hundreds of years old in the wild, and in captivity have been known to last 80 years or more. The color of the A. plumosum can be light yellowish green, tan, brown, light green or gray. The anemone can be monochromatic or a combination of these colors. Each tentacle varies in size and has more of a _frillyÌÒ look to it. From a distance it almost looks like soft coral, like a kenya tree. This anemone comes out at night and hides during the day.


Minimum Tank Size

50 gal (189 L)

Care Level




Water Conditions

72.0 to 82.0 F (22.2 to 27.8 C)

Max Size

12.0 inches (30.48 cm)