• Anemone, Flat Yellow (Haw)

Anemone, Flat Yellow (Haw)

Product Description

Product Description

The pretty Beaded Sea Anemone Heteractis aurora is easy to identify because of its unique 'beaded' tentacles. The tentacles have white spots that enlarge into bead-like swellings. There can be individual bulges or they can coalesce into designs. Often these swellings run the entire length of the tentacle, giving it a 'string of beads' look. Sometimes the bulges will surround the tentacle giving them a banded look. The Beaded Sea Anemone is usually a gray-green to chestnut-brown overall. It is rather subdued compared to the more brilliantly colored clown hosting anemones, but the decorative appearance of the tentacles give it quite an ornamental look.


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10 inches