• Acanthastrea, Maxima Fancy

Acanthastrea, Maxima Fancy

Product Description

Product Description

Colonies are cerioid with corallites up to 50 millimetres diameter. Septa are coarsely toothed. Polyps have a fleshy mantle up to 100 millimetres diameter and with a Lobophyllia-like texture. Most sold as maximas are lobos, scolys or other types of acans.


Care Level

Easy to moderate. Although still pricey, this could be a good first LPS coral. Moderate lighting and moderate flow with supplemental target feedings periodically will work well.

Water Conditions

8.2 - 8.4, 75F - 82F (24C - 28C), 8 to 12 dH, 400 - 450 ppm